Monday, July 21, 2008

Building away...

It's been a while since my last posting, but things are progressing well.  I didn't make my self imposed end of June deadline for having all the bents up, but that's OK.

In the picture are some of the pieces I have been working on.  I've completed the first floors of the three remaining bents (not the floor joists), and they just need to be assembled.  

Unfortunately, that used up all of my last timber order.  I ordered all of the floor joists which are all 6 by 8's.  It will be nice to hack away at something a little lighter for a change.

I just bought a trailer hitch for my car, so I was able to pull this latest load back to the shop myself.  Didn't work bad for such a little car.  Actually, I'm kidding, I just hooked up the car for the picture.  Thanks again Alan for towing the beams for me.

So, for now I need to assemble and stand up the three remaining bents.  When that is done I will make all of the floor joists and set them in place.  More pictures will follow as the bents get put up.