Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Second Floor

I recently had the week off from work, and spent most of the time working on the house.  Here's pretty much what i had at the beginning of the week:

By the end of the week, I had all of the second floor support pieces in place:

Or, if you're looking down from the top, here it is again.  I put a bunch of plywood down so you can walk on the second floor.  

I also got all the remaining rafters cut for the house, and they are HEAVY.  I got kinda spoiled doing the second floor supports as they are 8x8" beams.  The Rafters are 10x10's, and very wet because they were cut down specifically for me at 19 feet long.  

So, six more rafters, and thirty purlins will complete the frame part of the house.  Just need some land to keep building.  


Troy said...

Everything looks awesome. I'm really having a blast just looking at your pics. I might have to borrow those books and your B.F.H from you some day...hahah.


topper said...

Hey Troy,

Glad you enjoy it. Feel free to borrow any of the stuff any time you'd like.

Hey, I hear you're headed to Lake Tahoe. Good for you man. That sounds like fun.


Chris said...

So what happened then? Did you just stop building? Give up the blog? Did the whole thing fall on you? It's like walking onto the alien spaceship and finding that everyone just . . . dissapeared.

Simon (Boo). said...

I have just spent 'forever' reading your blog - what happened?!?! Suspense is killing me....